Our Most Urgent Needs

The communities Bright Hope serves are in a vicious cycle of poverty and crisis. We believe we need to avoid creating dependency and empower people to lift themselves out of physical, economic and spiritual poverty. We are asking you, our Allies in this fight against extreme poverty, to support our most urgent program needs to empower the poor for today, tomorrow and eternally. 


Here are three very important programs in great need of help.

*Please read our Guide About Donating to the Poor and the Bright Hope Promise for more on how your donations are used.


Child and Family Development Center

High up in the mountains of Bolivia, far away from the city, impoverished children have limited access to education, nourishing food, medical care, and protection. One of our church partners has made it their priority to reach these children, giving them a safe place to learn, grow, and receive love.

The church still needs funding to finish the year strong. Can you help?


David and his wife

David and Annette's marriage was broken for many years. Abuse, heartache, resentment, and despair seemed immovable like the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda.  


Sadly, as a child, David spent years watching his father beat his mom over and over again when she didn’t obey his commands. Due to the cultural issues and lack of understanding about God’s intention for marriage many Ugandan families, just like David’s, are shelters of agony and anxiety.  


You can unite with us to see marriages heal across Uganda.  


Food insecurity continually plagues the extreme poor in Haiti. Moreover, devastating cycles of natural disasters, political instability, corruption, and crime hinder development. Additionally, skyrocketing inflation threatens to trap our friends in Haiti under an even greater weight of hunger and hopelessness.   


We need your continual partnership to help the poor in Haiti scale up food production to build sustainable, livable incomes. 

Most Urgent Needs

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