Zambia is one of the African countries hit hardest by HIV/AIDS. Out of a total population of 14.6 Million people, almost half of the population is 14 years old or younger.

Bright Hope partners with the local, in-country church to empower the extreme poor in Zambia. With programs for medical care, clean water, orphan care, school feeding, agricultural practices, education, microenterprise, church resourcing and church leadership development, Bright Hope is moving the extreme poor in Zambia on the path of self-sustainability. 

In Zambia, Bright Hope and our Allies are doing this amazing work:


Churches supported


Pastors supported


Received job training


Jobs created


Microfinance recipients


School scholarships 


Received medical care


Drinking clean water


Meals served

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With a history of economic struggle and corruption, Zambia continues to experience a high level of poverty. Many communities, especially rural communities, do not have access to proper medical care, clean water or education.

1.4 million

children are orphaned in Zambia, 670,000 of those children were orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

< 50%

of all births have a skilled attendant at the delivery.


of the population of Zambia is living below the international poverty line of $1.25 a day.

Stories of Hope and Transformation

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Building a Bright Future

Abigale, a mother of five, dreams of the future as she gets her daughter, Mary, ready for school. Living in Katiti Village in rural Zambia, she knows all too well…
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Walking Towards a CURE

As a way of avoiding the cultural stigma of being disfigured, seventeen-year-old Terrance chose to spend his time in the fish camps with his father instead of in school with…
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Katiti Preschool Building Nearing Completion

The new preschool on Mbabala Island, Zambia is nearly finished.
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Graduation on Mbabala Island

A group of almost forty participants from four denominations have been engaged in this training for the last 2 years.
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A Fisherman’s Tale: How the Gospel Changed an Entire Family

Peter has been the pastor of a church on Mbabala Island for 7 years. On the side, he works as a fisherman to support his wife and four children. He also volunteers in the church-run store.
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Pray for the Field: Zambia

Pray for 7-year-old Chibwe, who was recently rescued from an orphanage by her grandmother. The church-run preschool is helping her learn to read and write so she can join other children her age in primary school.
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