Haiti is currently the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Only a holistic, community-based approach can upend years of generational poverty. Bright Hope aligns our allies with local, in-country church partners to care for basic as well as spiritual needs in impoverished communities. Through a variety of programs that focus on medical care, care for vulnerable children, education, microenterprise, church resourcing and leadership development, communities in Haiti are moving out of poverty and towards self-sustainability.

In Haiti, Bright Hope and our Allies are currently doing this amazing work:


Churches supported


Pastors supported


Received job training


Lives impacted


Have clean water


Received medical care

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Frequent natural disasters, in particular the earthquake in 2010, as well as political instability, civil unrest and crime continue to hinder development and stability in Haiti. Many communities in Haiti experience extreme poverty, lacking access to clean water, education, food security, and economic opportunities.

5.9 million

of the population lives below the poverty line.

4.9 years

are the average number of years of schooling Haiti.


of the rural population does not have access to clean water.

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