Five Kids-Five Reasons to Hope

Get to know 5 of 387 million children living in poverty. These five have a brighter future, but there are still so many trying just to survive. You can help.

What We Do

Bright Hope unites Christ-followers from around the world to bring Hope and help to those living in some of the poorest places on Earth. Through our Hope for Today, Hope for Tomorrow, and Hope for Eternity ministry model, we can break the grip of generational poverty, and as we do, we see lives changed and our own hearts grow.

Hope for Today
  • Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children
  • Clean Water
  • School Feeding Program
  • Medical Care 
  • Strengthen Families 
Hope for Tomorrow
  • Microenterprise & Job Training
  • Education
  • Agricultural Practices 
Hope for Eternity
  • Resourcing Church Ministries
  • Church Leadership Development
  • Evangelism & Discipleship Support 

Three Ways to Make a Difference Today!

It’s easy to help us serve the poorest of the poor.


Help support our Most Urgent Needs sharing Hope for Today, Tomorrow and Eternity.


Our Prayer Wall and Prayer Team connect our Allies to the urgent requests of our global partners. 


Our poverty quiz will get you on the right path as you seek to do more in the fight against extreme poverty.

Bright Hope By the Numbers in 2017


Lives Impacted 


Meals Served


Drinking Clean Water 


Microfinance recipients


Their lives are changed. Your heart grows.

Around the world, millions of people live in desperate poverty. Followers of Christ want to serve Him and make a meaningful impact, but they don’t always know the best ways to proceed and make an eternal impact. At Bright Hope, we bring together Allies against extreme poverty, bringing mutual transformation for the people we serve…and us in the process.

A Partner You Can Trust For Over 50 Years!

One of Bright Hope’s highest values is integrity. We understand the value of every dollar we receive and the difference every dollar can make in the life of someone in extreme poverty. We value the trust you have given us to effectively and efficiently deliver help to those in need.

FYE 2017 Expenses

Program Breakdown

FYE 2017 Programs

Bright Hope Service Stats


Stories of Hope & Transformation

As we lock arms with our Christian brothers and sisters around the world, we are ALL transformed through Hope. Check here weekly for new stories from our global church partners and our allies.

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Celebrating C.H.’s 25 Years of Service to Bright Hope and Praying God’s Blessing on Many More!

The entire Bright Hope ministry commemorates President Dyer’s 25 years of faithful service, leadership and dedication in serving the extreme poor.
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Board Member Tammy Massey Praises Bright Hope’s Church-Centered Community Development Model

Bright Hope board member, Tammy Massey, shares about her recent visit to Bolivia, being inspired by a youth leadership project and what she’s learned while seeing the ministry in action.
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A Message from C.H. Dyer

In 1998, the AIDS crisis in Africa was booming and with it came an incredible amount of orphans and vulnerable children, many who were shipped off to orphanages and aging grandparents…
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