Tithes and Offerings for the Poor

We asked a pastor in Zambia how much his church receives in their weekly offering. His answer, "$16." How can any lasting ministry be done with such a small amount?

A message from Bright Hope President C.H. Dyer


As an ordained minister, I know the importance of the church, both scripturally and practically in the lives of every Christ-follower. In fact, at Bright Hope our sole channel for helping the poor is through local churches located in the world’s darkest slums and most remote villages. We now have over 500 churches in our network and almost all of these have very small weekly offerings. Not only are the people they serve poor, but the churches are poor as well. 

The “Tithes and Offerings” fund helps to empower poor churches in impoverished communities who want to help their communities with Christ’s love, God’s Word, and Hope for Today, Tomorrow and Eternity. 


A Christian’s first obligation is always to tithe to his or her local church. And we know that Christ- followers want to be obedient to the Word of God to care for the hungry and help those in trouble (Isaiah 58:10). So here is some additional information to see if this offering is right for you:

• Which Christians should participate in this offering?

People who don't have a home church or are between churches and not tithing.

People who want to give an offering to the poor, above their normal tithes.

People who want to give to poor churches in the world's city slums and remote villages and help our partner churches reach their communities with the love of Christ.

• Who does my gift help? 

Your "Tithes and Offering" donation will bless Bright Hope’s network of churches who are helping the poor in their communities with Hope for Today, Tomorrow and Eternity. 


It will fund church ministries preaching the Word of God and teaching new believers as well as support Bible distribution, food distribution, education for children, job programs and many more practical programs.  

• How can I get information about the results of my gift? 

Reporting to you about the lives being changed by your tithes and offerings is important to us. Please sign up for our quarterly newsletter here for the most current information and check our home page and Facebook pages for inspiring stories.