Pambashe Brings Living Water to Communities in Zambia

The Pambashe Drilling Team gives people in Zambia access to clean water—and leads them to the living water of God.

Beracah, Zambia — The Pambashe Drilling Team gives people in Zambia access to clean water—and leads them to the living water of God.

10 Wells with Clean Water in Zambia

About half the population in rural Zambia does not have access to clean water. People journey for hours each day to collect the water they need, often from polluted sources, making them especially vulnerable to disease. Pambashe is a local group working hard to solve this problem, with each of the 10 members committed to working together to drill wells in rural villages all around Beracah and Samfya, Zambia.

The team drills 10 wells a year and monitors wells they’ve already drilled to make sure they are still producing clean water. Wells frequently break down or are abandoned in communities where people have no training in well maintenance and don’t understand how important clean water is to their health. The Pambashe Drilling Team empowers these communities to value and care for their clean water by training them in both of these areas.

Despite their success, this team is not satisfied with 10 wells a year. With hope to expand their business, they decided to grow maize together and use the profits to fund more wells. The team hopes that through maize farming their work will be more self-sustainable and bring Hope to more communities without access to clean water in Zambia.

This team of men is passionate about sharing the Gospel with people who’ve never experienced God’s love. In one area, they baptized four new believers and helped plant a church with 25 members! This is the twenty-fourth church that the team has helped plant over the past 10 years! Incredibly, the team visits each church twice a month to encourage the leaders and conduct discipleship mentoring.

Because of allies like you, Bright Hope has empowered the Pambashe Drilling Team to pursue their vision. In turn, they are empowering communities to know Christ and have Hope for Eternity!

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