Building Healthy Communities with Healthy Families

In Bright Hope’s work in extremely poor communities, we see a lot of hurting and broken families. Before we can teach families how to increase their incomes and follow the path out of abject poverty, we must focus on healing marriages. Building healthy communities starts with healthy families.

We want to introduce you to Jasper, a godly man who experienced transformation in his marriage and family because of Bright Hope’s marriage fellowships and parenting training.

Jasper’s Story of Pain and Triumph

In the scorching sun of Oyam Jasper and his children walk back and forth, spreading out corn to dry. Their strength is derived from the cohesion they have built since they met Bright Hope.  Jasper’s infectious smile brightens the moment as he tells a tale of how Bright Hope’s training has changed and restored his family and his hope. 

“My mother gave birth to three of us. But my favorite brother was killed by the rebels during the war. That loss and many other hardships brought by the war took a toll on me. I lost hope and looked at myself as a complete failure. Everything I tried from planting crops and working in small businesses failed. I began having suicidal thoughts. There was no reason for me to live. I was extremely poor and had no one to stand by me and give me hope. 

Over time, Bright Hope has become a companion to my family. They ignited a fire in me with the different training sessions. After the ABCD (Asset-based community-driven development), I learned to put my trust in God. And this has helped me so much to become who I am today. When I joined the Fathers’ Club, my eyes were opened to the enormous resources and opportunities around me.  

Together with other fathers, we started a poultry project. The project’s success inspired me to begin a personal poultry project. I was buying chickens and reselling them for a profit. This project propelled me into cultivation where I began hiring land to grow more beans, maize, and sunflowers. 

Hope for Impoverished Families

Initially, I relied on a small family plot to grow food for my family. However, it was never enough. Sometimes we starved during the dry season. However, after the training in agriculture, I began hiring land using money from my chicken project. I had a very good harvest and saved my money in our savings for life group. Shortly after that, in 2021 my wife became ill. Her sickness cost me all the money I had saved. But I thank God, I had it. I could have sold our only piece of land to pay hospital bills. Although life was tough, I still had chickens at home. I sold them to buy seeds and hired planting grounds for the next season. 

In 2023 I grew corn and harvested 2.5 tons. I earned 1.5 million shillings (about $386). We bought two cows and some piglets to diversify my income streams. I have planted another lot of corn and expect to get five tons. 

Truly, all these fruits come from Bright Hope training. My son has been waiting to join a vocational institution for a course in vehicle mechanics. He had high hopes because most of the money we made from our corn harvest would pay for his education. Together with my wife, we are also planning to start building a permanent house for our family. 

I used to speak with sharp words when talking to my wife and children. But after the parenting and marriage fellowship and training, I talk calmly to them. And now, we make decisions that affect our family, finances, and parenting together. I can honestly say that Bright Hope has walked a journey with my family. But now it’s time to walk it with other fathers who have not had the same opportunity as me. 

How Can You Get Involved?

Families form the foundation for a strong community. Without strong marriages and biblical parenting practices, Bright Hope’s microfinance, agriculture, and discipleship programs won’t work. You can strengthen impoverished church communities by investing in marriage fellowships and parenting training. Please give today. 

Julius Caeser
Julius Caeser

Julius is married to his lovely wife Winnie and has three little ones. He is a passionate photographer, but also an enthusiastic writer and film maker with a desire to give a voice to the voiceless. He has worked for many non-profits both within and outside Uganda for over seven years and is currently employed by Bright Hope. It was while working for a non-profit that he received the Lord’s calling to serve others through his talents. He believes that by telling the stories of vulnerable people to the world, God will use those who hear these stories to impact the needy and be a blessing to them.