What Will Your Legacy Be?

Bright Hope wants to leave a financial legacy among the extreme poor. To do that, we’re committed to ending the generational poverty cycle for as many families and communities as possible. But we couldn’t do it without our faithful Allies just like you. So, without further ado, what will be your legacy?

To help you answer this question, I would like to share the story of a faithful woman. She transformed many lives with her forward-thinking generosity. 

The Legacy of Mrs. Norris: How Planned Giving Changed a Nation 

In the early 1800s, the world was a vastly different place, marked by a spirit of exploration and a desire to spread the word of God to the farthest corners of the Earth. Mr. and Mrs. Norris, a humble couple from a small American town, believed that God had a special purpose for their lives—to help the poor and the lost in distant lands. Their faith and dedication were unwavering. And it was this unwavering faith that would lead to a remarkable legacy. 

Mr. Norris passed away, leaving behind a grieving but determined Mrs. Norris. She knew that their calling was not just for one generation but for generations to come. In her will, Mrs. Norris included a provision to allocate a portion of her wealth to support missionaries who would carry their mission forward. Little did she know that her act of foresight and faith would shape the course of history. 

In the year 1812, Mrs. Norris followed her beloved husband into the arms of the Lord. She left behind a considerable sum of money specifically designated for the cause they held dear. One of the beneficiaries of their legacy was a young couple named Adoniram and Nancy Judson. 

Adoniram and Nancy were among the first Protestant missionaries to embark on a journey from America to Asia. When they set foot in the land of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), they were greeted by a vast and uncharted territory. At that time, there were no known Christians among the millions who called Myanmar home. Their mission was daunting, their task immense, but their faith was unshakeable. 

The Judsons’ Financial Legacy 

For six long years, Adoniram faced innumerable challenges to spread the Word of God. The locals were initially skeptical, if not outright hostile, to their presence and teachings. Yet, the Judsons persevered, their determination fueled by their unwavering faith in God’s plan. 

Finally, after years of dedication and countless prayers, Adoniram had the privilege of baptizing the first convert to Christianity in Myanmar. It was a momentous occasion, a glimmer of hope that would soon shine brightly in the hearts of the Burmese people. 

Over the next couple of decades, Adoniram devoted himself to the study of the Burmese language, a complex and intricate tongue considered by some to be one of the most challenging languages to master, second only to Chinese. With unwavering commitment, he translated the entire Bible into Burmese, making the scriptures accessible to the local population. In 1834, he achieved this monumental feat, providing the Burmese people with not only the word of God but also a Burmese-to-English Dictionary to aid in understanding and communication. 

Adoniram Judson’s service in Burma spanned nearly four decades. When he passed away in 1850, his legacy was nothing short of extraordinary. There were now one hundred churches and eight thousand believers in Jesus throughout the land of Myanmar. 

While Adoniram Judson rightfully received praise for his tireless work and dedication, it was essential to remember the woman whose foresight and planned estate had made it all possible. Mrs. Norris, guided by her unwavering faith, had sown the seeds that had grown into a bountiful harvest. Her legacy lived on in the hearts and souls of the people she had never met, a testament to the power of faith, perseverance, and the belief that even the smallest of actions could change the world. 

How Are You Planning To Leave a Legacy?

You can have an enduring impact on people living in extreme poverty! A planned gift allows you to shape your legacy by ending the cycle of abject poverty. By including Bright Hope in your will, naming Bright Hope as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement plan, or transferring your IRA distribution, you can ensure that your gift will impact the poor for years to come. 

To learn more about making a planned gift, visit BrightHope.org/plannedgiving. 

C.H. Dyer
C.H. Dyer

Hi, I am C.H. Dyer. I have a passion for helping those living in extreme poverty and a knack for getting people engaged with the poor. I believe if you are faithful and generous with what you have, God will transform you and your family’s hearts and minds, just as your gifts can bring physical transformation to the poor. My angel wife, Anne, and three kids are my inspiration. And I also happen to have been leading Bright Hope for the past two decades.