Pigs Produce Sustainable Hope for Families in Need

Uganda – Safina, a grandma from Uganda, lamented: “As a grandmother taking care of three orphaned grandchildren, life has not been easy for me and my husband.”

When Safina lost her son and his wife to HIV/AIDS, life took a terrible turn. Their tragic deaths left Safina and her husband with three orphans to look after. As an elderly couple who depended on subsistence agriculture for their survival, they only grew enough food for their consumption, and a little bit extra to pay for their basic needs.

Now, with their three grandkids to care for, the couple had to find creative ways to earn more money to pay for their meals, school, clothes, and medical care.

A Pig Donation for Sustainable Income

In God’s providence, Safina joined a Grandmothers’ Club at a Bright Hope partner church in Luwero. Through Grandmothers’ Clubs, Bright Hope helps older, vulnerable women to gather together to build friendships, share skills and wisdom, and maximize their resources to take care of their personal needs. 

For example, many Grandmothers’ Clubs make crafts like mats and baskets, which they sell to earn an income for their families. In these clubs, they also learn to save money to provide loans to meet the immediate needs of group members.

While in the club, Safina’s life began to take a turn for the better! Since Safina and her husband had been caring for their vulnerable grandchildren, Safina qualified to receive a loan for two pigs through the church in Luwero. And, with these pigs, Safina and her husband received a new opportunity to create a sustainable income! 

Safina shared: “I used to sell my surplus food cheaply, and the money was never enough to take care of our home needs. Since I received my pigs, I have been feeding most of my surplus food to them. When our first pig delivered, we received more than we hoped for.”

Safina’s first pig gave birth to ten piglets! After paying back two piglets to the church, she sold five and made enough money to build a better pigsty and meet some basic needs at home which so many countries desperately lack.

Her second pig also delivered piglets! Now, Safina plans to start saving so she can send her grandkids to school!

Safina rejoiced: “This gift of pigs is gradually washing away my tears for my son, and it is giving me hope for my grandchildren!” 

Thank you, our amazing Allies, for easing the burden of poverty and helping grandmothers like Safina care for the most vulnerable children in her community by donating pigs and funding other projects so faithfully. 

Now that they have sustainable Hope, their lives will never be the same!


Donate a pig to produce more sustainable hope for others.

Giving the gift of pigs is an efficient way to kickstart a materially poor family to a place of financial independence and self-sustainably.

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Bright Hope Staff
Bright Hope Staff