Give a Pig


Pigs are another efficient way to kickstart a materially poor family to a place of financial independence and self-sustainably.   

Here’s why. Over time, the pig will provide meat and offspring that the family can eat or sell. Farmers can use the pig manure to enrich their compost, which allows any crops the farmer may be growing to yield a greater return.   

Read more to learn how a pig launched Moses’ family into self-sustainability. 

Enoch’s pigs also changed his life. 

Pigs kickstarted Martin’s journey out of poverty too! 

This gift multiplies! As with all our animal and agriculture programs, when the pigs begin to reproduce (which they can do twice a year, yielding at least 9-10 piglets per litter), a piglet will be given to another family, who in turn will give a piglet to another family, and so on! The impact you make when you give a pig is ongoing and has the potential to kickstart countless families out of poverty into self-sustainability! 

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