Most Urgent Needs

Can you imagine a church service without any instruments at all?

For most of us, that answer is no; yet this is the reality for some of our partner churches in northern Haiti.

Not only is music a common and effective tool for worship, but music can also be a resource that draws people into the church – and keeps them coming!

In Haiti, Pastor Fritz has a strong passion for worship and youth ministry. He has noticed that many young people leave the church because they don't have a music program. He says, "By failing to identify and provide support for children and youth with musical talent we are losing these kids as they have to seek out secular programs to hone their God-given music skills."

Pastor Fritz was given his first instrument and music lessons by a missionary and looked forward to coming to church, playing with the choir, and being very involved in ministry through music. Now he would like to help birth a new era of worship among the youth in his church.

Today YOU can be like the missionary who gave Pastor Fritz his first music opportunity when you make a donation to support church and youth music in a partner church in Haiti.

This summer, Pastor Fritz's church is hosting a music camp for 50 children and young adults. They want to encourage worship and musical talent in their church community but don’t have the instruments. We need YOUR help!

Your gift could be instrumental in encouraging and inspiring a young person.

A basic music kit for elementary kids costs only $15.00!
A used guitar can cost only $125.
A used drum set can cost $200.
A donation of any size can make a dramatic impact!

Your gift this month will help make this goal possible and will bring a chorus of praise to God from children and young adults in Haiti. Thank you for considering how you can make a difference!

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Buy food for a hungry child

Many children living in Mathare slums go hungry. Often the only meals they will receive are served at school through the Bright Hope feeding program. These children need your help. By making a donation today you can help support this vitally important program.

Noah (14) and Martin (13)Meet Noah (14) and Martin (13), brothers who live about half a mile from school with their mother who is a casual laborer and earns about $2 a day. Life for children like Noah and Martin is hard. Last year their mother was ill for more than a month so the boys were unable to attend class and had to scavenge the local neighborhoods for something to eat.

“When the school did a follow-up, we discovered that their mother had been unwell and unable to take care of their basic needs,” said Judy, their teacher.

“Our teacher realized that we were going without food… she talked with our mother and the school helped us,” said Noah.

“The school would spare some food for us every evening. We would carry that food home and share with our mother at dinner, this helped us a lot.”

Big smiles after receiving their meals.The Mathare Community Outreach (MCO) Schools now provide two meals a day for about 1,300 children attending three different schools. There is still a need to provide meals on Saturdays as well, since parents are usually working away from the home and sometimes children attend school to do extra studies.

The majority of these children live in the Mathare Valley slums, with most of their parents working as casual laborers or running small, local businesses. Most of these parents either cannot afford to provide three meals a day or must leave home early to work and are not around to prepare food for their children.

Without the feeding program, children often miss school as they are forced to search for scraps and are too hungry to focus in class. However, with support from Allies like you, children can receive nutritious meals such as a mix of rice, lentils and tomatoes, and a piece of mango. Your gift can help keep these children off the streets and in the classroom.

“I am happy to have my lunch at school,” said twelve-year-old Serena, who is in the eighth grade.

“The feeding program helps us a lot because many children come from poor families and cannot afford three meals a day; some only get a cup of tea as their breakfast while others don’t eat anything at all in the morning… we are happy to have a cup of porridge at school each morning.”

When children are hungry, it’s a struggle to put their full concentration on education. When you send a gift to help feed the children of the Mathare slum, you are providing much more than a couple meals a day, you are helping pave the way for a brighter future. Make your donation today and help feed the minds and stomachs of these growing schoolchildren.

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