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Sharing Hope with older generations in Haiti

In Haiti, 5.9 million people are living below the poverty line including senior citizens, who are especially vulnerable. Life can be challenging for elderly community members who are no longer able to work and may not have any family members who are able to help care for them.

To address the need, Bright Hope has recently started an elderly meal program at a church in the northern town of Ferrier, near the Dominican border.

Elderly community members receive dinner every Sunday after church. Many church members volunteer in this program to serve the seniors in the church through the project. These church volunteers prepare the meals and the youth serve them each Sunday after the service.

In partnership with caring Allies like you, Bright Hope provides one meal a week and is working with the church to offer an additional meal. The program blesses these senior citizens with nutritious dinners and is a place for church members to build relationships and community.

Your donation of just $11 will provide four healthy meals to a senior citizen in need.

For $55, you will ensure five brothers and sisters in Christ receive a nourishing meal each week for a month.

And your gift of $275 will host a weekly meal for 25 senior citizens!

For many of these elderly church members, especially those who do not have relatives living nearby, this group has become like family. They share stories, pray for needs within the church and feel more connected to their church community.

“My husband is dead; this church has become my home,” said Chrismon, a year-old church member.

Make a difference today by giving whatever God would put on your heart.

Your donation will help not only provide nutrition, but it will help share the love of Christ with our elderly brothers and sister in Haiti.

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Bolivia's poor are getting sick and have nowhere to go!

The world’s poorest people have limited access to health services and medicine, especially in rural areas. And Bolivian hospitals have surpassed their capacity to treat and hospitalize the sick.

Though medical assistance is paid for by the government for children under the age of five and the elderly, children 6-18 years old receive few benefits-often missing routine medical exams and enduring symptoms which are left untreated. And adults typically do not see a doctor until they are very ill for fear of expensive medical bills.

The extreme poor in Bolivia need your help! With support from Bright Hope Allies like you, the community members who need it most will receive crucial medicine and medical care.

“We have been doing these medical campaigns for three years and have seen many fruits,” said Pastor Cristian Calvi from El Alto.

In the last campaign, 6,335 people benefited from free medical check-ups, medicines and hearing about Jesus.

“At the beginning, there was a lot of disbelief that it is for free,” said Pastor Santiago from Llallagua. “And once people understand it is free, they start rejoicing.”

“Now people came to the doctors more easily,” said Nancy Santivañez Tapia, Head of the Nursing Department in Llallagua.

“They don't wait for an emergency to happen, but they came and some of them are already asking when is going to be the next clinic.”

You can help make a clinic a reality for Bolivians who might not otherwise get a chance to see a doctor or get the medicines they need.

“After the [last] medical campaigns…there were some medicines left, so we decide to go farther and we went to two small towns, which has little primary schools,” said Pastor Santiago.

“And in those places people were very, very excited. Some of them, they even cried and they expect us to go there again.

At the clinics held last year, every child in primary and high school received anti-parasite treatment 11,000 in total. Despite having a polluted water supply, the children were free of parasites for at least eight months having access to this medication.

Students also participated in a training called “Clean Life, Healthy Life” where they learned how to manage garbage and received basic hygiene tips.

This summer, Bright Hope is aiming to offer campaigns in four areas, reaching three new places. We need your support to make that possible!

Your gift of $20 will help spread the word about these clinics through flyers and local networks.

Your gift of $50 will provide about $500 towards medications to treat infections, malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies, arthritis, and many other ailments commonly seen in every community we serve. These medicines can make a huge impact.

Your gift of $75 will sponsor a half hour doctor's visit where patients can get medical attention and hear the Gospel.

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