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Hurricane Matthew recently tore through Haiti and Cuba causing damage to churches and homes.

December Update: Bright Hope's CEO, C.H. Dyer, recently traveled to Haiti to see the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew. Major cities are on the process to recovery, but the rural areas have received little to no help. Many roads are impassable, damage to crops and livestock have limited food availability and there is a high risk for the spread of cholera. Clean water, clothing and medical support are some of the main needs, as well as, reconstruction of churches, schools and homes that experienced severe damage. The local church is often the only source of help and aid in these areas, so Bright Hope is working to support these churches so they can be a bright light in their community during this challenging time.

For full updates, please read our most recent news story here.

Your gift to Most Urgent Needs will allow us to immediately respond to these critical situations.

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The wait list is growing for micro-savings groups in Kenya through the Savings for Life program.

Mathare Valley is one of the oldest and largest slums in Nairobi, Kenya where approximately 600,000 people live in less than one square mile. Approximately 98% of the people live below the poverty line, barely surviving on less than $1 a day. Rampant crime, prostitution and alcoholism permeate the narrow streets, and access to clean water and sanitation are extremely limited. 

Bright Hope's Savings for Life program is bringing Hope to Mathare Valley by providing economic opportunities to struggling families. With over 1400 participants, and many more wanting to join, this micro-savings program is in dire need of funding.

Read how this program has transformed Sabina's life here.

Through our Most Urgent Needs fund, you can provide life changing opportunities for those who need it most.

Meet OurMost Urgent Needs

The majority of church leaders in Zambia have never had formal Bible training.

When church leaders lack Biblical understanding and leadership skills, the church isn't able to grow and will struggle to impact it's community. The Samfya Bible School in Zambia is working to change that. Bright Hope has found that investing in a core group of Christian leaders from one community has a remarkable impact on the local church and its engagement with the most poor within its community. But we need your help to make this possible. 

By giving to our Most Urgent Needs fund, you can empower pastors and church leaders to get the training they need to transform their communities and bring Hope for today, tomorrow and eternity. 

Meet OurMost Urgent Needs

Bright Hope’s church-centered community development model provides a road map to program sustainability. Through the local, in-country church we provide Hope for Today, Hope for Tomorrow and Hope for Eternity to elevate the extreme poor out of their current situation. In order to do this we need support for these programs. One of the most tangible ways we begin to bring a community from Hope for Today (clean water, medical care, food) to Hope for Tomorrow (education, micro-enterprise, job training) to create self-sustainability is through funding.

When you support our Most Urgent Needs your contribution will be appropriated to the project that needs it the most. Please consider giving to ensure the local, in-country churches that we partner with can continue on the path to self-sustainability.