Agricultural Practices

Using eco-friendly practices, Bright Hope works to achieve long-term solutions to hunger and poverty with agriculture initiatives like greenhouses, produce and livestock farms, fisheries, and farm coops. Along with helping churches provide their communities with seeds, crops, tools and equipment, Bright Hope also provides training in farming, irrigation, and the proper use of farming equipment.

Bright Hope's Work Improving Agricultural Practices


Received Agricultural Support

The more you know...

Exposing communities to proper agricultural practices is key in meeting the economic and food needs of the extreme poor.


Growth in the agriculture sector is twice as effective in reducing poverty than growth in other economic sectors.


of rural populations rely on agriculture as a source of livelihoods, providing jobs for 1.3 billion single family farms and landless workers.

150 million

people would no longer be hungry if women farmers had the same resources as men.

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