Autumn 2019

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Reaping a Harvest of God’s Faithfulness

Nov 04, 2019

El Alto, Bolivia For Pastor Cristian Calvi, serving God is an all-consuming passion! He sensed God’s call on his life as a young teen.

A Message From C.H. Dyer

Nov 04, 2019

Like a trek through the mountains, this summer has had its peaks and valleys. But even along our sometimes precarious journey, God is always faithful!

How One Woman Convinced 675 People in Just 5 Days to Purchase 7,464 Chickens!

Nov 04, 2019

Rachel Miller, Bright Hope Ally extraordinaire, is an energetic and highly successful online entrepreneur and founder of Moolah Marketing.

Fathers’ Club Radically Transforms Town Drunk

Nov 04, 2019

Bugiri, Uganda I was recently in Uganda and met Joseph and his wife, Asia. They have a powerful testimony I want to share with you.

From Barely Surviving to Thriving: Growing Farmers in Zambia

Nov 04, 2019

Mbabala Island, Zambia This is the story of two fisherman. One chose to make a change. The other did not.

Sometimes, It’s Really Easy to Change a Life

Nov 04, 2019

Fahima wanted her second child to be born in a hospital, unlike her first child. However, the challenge was getting the birthing supplies women are required to provide for their own deliveries.