President’s Challenge

Impact starts with action!

That’s a statement we’ve been saying around here a lot lately.


Because we want to make a difference in 2021. This year, we are striving to make an eternal impression in the lives of the extreme poor—to give them the tools they need to build a better life and an eternity with Jesus.

Just like a pebble cast into a lake creates ripples across the surface, our small acts of obedience can make an impact in the lives of those living in extreme poverty!

We are excited to introduce Impact, our new monthly giving program that gives you an opportunity to help banish extreme poverty!

Bright Hope’s Impact programs focus on creating sustainable solutions to devastating problems. We do this important work through local, indigenous, Bible-believing churches in Kenya, Bolivia, Uganda, Haiti, and Zambia. Rather than merely addressing an immediate need, we come alongside the extreme poor to help train and equip them through microfinance projects, agricultural training, education opportunities, and more.

These programs provide a foundation for the future and a permanent escape from extreme poverty.

I pray that the stories in this Ally Connection will encourage you and remind you that God is always working!

And if you feel ready to take a more active stand against extreme poverty, I encourage you to join Impact.

Serving the poor with you,

C.H. Dyer

President & CEO, Bright Hope

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Giving His Children the Life He Never Had

I grew up in a poor village with no electricity. We scrounged for whatever food we could find. We had no bathrooms and showered behind bushes. My parents couldn’t afford school fees so at the beginning of each term, they would enroll me in a new school where they didn’t owe any money. Then, as soon as the bills came due, they would switch me to a new school. This cycle continued until sixth grade when I finally dropped out.

Leaving a Heritage of Generosity and Compassion

Last fall, we introduced the Bright Hope Coin. When we conceptualized this program, we envisioned mature adults purchasing these coins for their children and grandchildren and presenting them as gifts that initiate a heritage of generosity and compassion to the poor. It’s been our prayer that as children receive these coins, and with them the opportunity to learn about the poor and to help them in practical ways, that we will grow generations who are caring, passionate, and proactive in the fight against extreme poverty.

What a Difference a Year Can Make!

Zambia – Last year at this time Matthew*, who was born with a circulatory problem that forced doctors to amputate both of his feet and one hand, couldn’t walk. He couldn’t run and play with his friends or go to school to get the education he needed to break out of extreme poverty.

One year ago, Matthew had no Hope of ever living like a regular kid.