Tragedy and Transformation on Mbabala Island

Zambia – Deep in the earth, precious diamonds form under the trials of heavy pressure, intense heat, and time. Likewise, for many years, Bright Hope and our partner church on Mbabala Island in Zambia have been praying, investing, and caring for community members, and finally, some figurative diamonds are starting to form.

Solar-Power Electricity Creates a Buzz

Haiti – Chances are that most of us have never had to live without reliable electricity for any significant length of time.

But in rural Haiti, where most of our Haitian partners are located, only 3.5% of people have access to electricity1. In a world dependent on cellphones, a lack of electricty means a lack of communication. With increasing numbers of people using cellphones, there’s a considerable demand for phone-charging businesses.

Hannington’s Faith

Kenya – Hannington, a thirteen-year-old boy with an easy smile and a confident demeanor, lives in the Mathare Valley slum in Nairobi with his mother and younger brother. His mother works selling secondhand clothes and shoes at a large open-air market nearby. Hannington’s family lives in a rented, single room, tin-roofed house with mud walls and floors.