President’s Challenge

I’m sure we can all agree that we live in an unprecedented time. With a global pandemic threatening to push hundreds of millions of lives into extreme poverty, we can’t sit back idly and unaffected. We also can’t wring our hands in despair, or let fear paralyze us.

We must act!

  • We must pray for God to intervene and protect the vulnerable!
  • We must learn how this pandemic has affected the extreme poor!
  • We must give sacrificially so the poor will not feel forgotten!

Together, we can make an impact for eternity!

C.H. Dyer

President & CEO, Bright Hope

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From the Shadows to the Pulpit

I grew up in a poor village with no electricity. We scrounged for whatever food we could find. We had no bathrooms and showered behind bushes. My parents couldn’t afford school fees so at the beginning of each term, they would enroll me in a new school where they didn’t owe any money. Then, as soon as the bills came due, they would switch me to a new school. This cycle continued until sixth grade when I finally dropped out.


Bolivia – Lucas, a talkative and jovial senior, lives alone in a rented room. He has family but hasn’t heard from anyone during the quarantine. The money and food he collected from the government were running out. Where would he get his next meal?

Before long, the people from Betania Church in Oruro, Bolivia, heard about Lucas and some other elderly and disabled folks who needed help. Imagine Lucas’ relief when three ladies from the church visited, bringing food.

Paulette’s New Water Purification System Makes a Big Splash

Paulette, Haiti—Water has been an issue in Paulette for a long, long time. Whether drinking from filthy, polluted sources long ago, or drinking from salty wells just earlier this year, the people of Paulette have had a never-ending struggle get clean, safe water.