Ferrier, Haiti — When leaders of Ferrier Baptist Church in Northeast Haiti examined the needs of their congregation and community a little over a year ago, their focus turned to the Grand Rue neighborhood.

Near the Dominican Republic border where many Haitian immigrants are being forced to return to the country, Grand Rue is a very poor, drought-ravaged area with no school, no church and no real economic activity. This zone has long been steeped in traditional African religious beliefs, with little influence from the Gospel message until recent years.

Ferrier Baptist, led by Reverend Fritz Jules, decided to step up its efforts to minister to the people of Grand Rue, and the leadership recognized that merely planting a church there would not address the basic needs of the people. They continued to pray and show God’s love, sharing their meager resources of food, clothing and emergency aid each Sunday to anyone in the community who had need.

Local leaders in Grand Rue could see how Ferrier Baptist is invested in nurturing their residents, and donated a humble tract of land to the church. With this land and the support of Bright Hope allies, Ferrier Baptist focused on meeting Grand Rue’s desperate need: clean water.

Community Efforts to Build a Well

Before digging could begin, the land needed to be cleaned up. The plot had become a public eyesore where people dumped trash and tied up their animals. In late March, Ferrier Baptist’s youth group gathered to clear all of the trash and debris from the land to prepare for the new well and fence. These young people expressed their joy as their volunteer efforts have given them a sense of purpose. They see clean water as a new beginning.

Drilling began on March 26, 2016, and the well was completed and functioning in just two weeks! The church then got to work installing a fence of sturdy posts and Moringa seedlings to provide shade and nutritious leaves.

This humble area, now flowing with clean water, has become a symbol of Hope for a once forgotten and desolate community.

Ferrier Baptist’s Dreams for the Future

Ferrier Baptist is only getting started in their ministry in Grand Rue. Recently, Reverend Fritz shared his big dreams with Bright Hope — dreams to build a community center where the church can share the Gospel, where courses in literacy, job training, entrepreneurship, childcare, and more can be held. His church believes the community needs a place of beauty to celebrate marriages, hold meetings and gather to comfort one another, as well as a safe place for youth and young adults to gather for sport activities, crafts and music.

Thank you, Bright Hope allies, for your partnership that allows the local, in-country church to bring Hope to desolate areas like Grand Rue. We are so grateful for your faithful prayers and support!