Llallagua, Bolivia – Bright Hope recently shipped 24 boxes filled with over 6,000 donated medicines to Bolivia to bring Hope to the extreme poor.

The medicines were received in the community of Llallagua in the northern region of Potosi, which is the poorest area of Bolivia. Families in Llallagua often don’t have access to clean water and basic sanitation, and sometimes only eat one meal per day. These harsh conditions lead to malnutrition, low body weight, infections and diarrhea, especially in young children.

Thanks to our generous Allies, Bright Hope was able to ship medicines specifically to target these issues such as deworming pills, oral rehydration salts and vitamins. For many families, medicines like these are too costly, or are simply unavailable in small, under-resourced rural clinics.

When the community received the medical shipment, they were overjoyed by the donation and wanted to pull together their own resources to make a larger impact. They divided the medicines between four local churches and set-up small clinics at each church. Recruiting over 65 volunteers, including doctors and nurses, they were able to do basic assessments of each patient to determine which medicines to provide.

Even more incredible were the evangelism efforts of the church throughout the medical campaigns. Realizing that the majority of those attending the temporary clinics were not church members, many churches and local organizations donated Bibles and discipleship materials to hand out. They even did Bible studies and worship activities with children and parents as they waited to be seen by a doctor.

The medical campaigns, lasting a full week, were estimated to have impacted over 16,500 people, including children, youth and adults. After the campaigns were complete, all of the churches reported new members in attendance.

One pastor shared, “The medicines we received were such a blessing. But what was more inspiring was seeing everyone working together and excited about a cause. Our church felt empowered, and now the community knows we are here and we want to help them and get to know them.”