Solar-Power Electricity Creates a Buzz

Haiti – Chances are that most of us have never had to live without reliable electricity for any significant length of time. 

But in rural Haiti, where most of our Haitian partners are located, only 3.5% of people have access to electricity1. In a world dependent on cellphones, a lack of electricty means a lack of communication. With increasing numbers of people using cellphones, there’s a considerable demand for phone-charging businesses.

In Bois-Pin, Haiti, there are no charging stations for cellphones, and people must walk more than an hour to the closest station. It’s for situations like this that Bright Hope envisions using solar energy to  help struggling Haitians build income-generating, sustainable businesses.

We believe this project will: 

  • Increase cell phone use for digital finance.
  • Encourage using digital devices for meetings and business planning.
  • Create income opportunities while addressing citizens’ demand for energy.
  • Help solar-powered charger station owners to support their families.

Working under the management of local church development committees, Bright Hope staff will provide mentorship and training to the local community leaders.  

The church will screen applicants to select participants for the project. Participants will then receive a loan to cover the cost of the solar-power kit, and make monthly payments to the church development committee until they pay off the loan. When these new small business owners pay off the loan, the solar-power kit will be theirs to keep!

We will keep you updated on this new and exciting project!

1 World Bank, 2018

Bright Hope Staff
Bright Hope Staff