Lugazi, Uganda – Unstable jobs. Food insecurity. High levels of illiteracy. With so many odds against you, it can be easy to feel hopeless and simply want to give up. These are the thoughts and struggles that continue to trap many people like Roger in extreme poverty in Uganda.

Even as a trained electrician, Roger was unable to find a job. He remained dependent on his family for shelter and support, who were also just barely making ends meet. Roger quickly began to lose hope. He wanted so badly to be independent, but felt like he had nothing to offer. Aware of Roger’s struggle, his pastor invited him to attend an ABCD workshop.

Bright Hope’s ABCD (asset-based community development) workshops are run through the local church and designed to help individuals discover their assets– the strengths, gifts and skills they already have. As they realize their potential, participants become equipped and united to impact their church and community and break the cycle of poverty.

For Roger, this workshop was exactly what he needed to change his way of thinking. “I have learned that we have many resources and skills in our community that we haven’t used yet. Together, we are realizing our strengths and learning our worth and value in God and we will be the change in our broken community.”

Since attending the workshop, Roger has noticed his life being transformed. He has been able to find work through other participants he met at the workshop, and now is independent. He has also become a youth leader, and serves on the pastoral team at his church. It was through the workshop that Roger found his passion for preaching the gospel to those who are yet to experience the wealth of heaven.

Thanks to our faithful Allies, Bright Hope has been working to transform communities through the local church. Because of ABCD workshops, participants are coming together and using their skills to confront their community’s needs and create everlasting change.