A Bolivian Church Rescued Gabriela from Abuse 

Gabriela lives in El Alto, Bolivia. At a very young age, she started to experience horrendous violence and abuse. Her uncle routinely abused her when she returned home from school. In her neighborhood, a local church knew about the numerous vulnerable kids. Their hearts broke over the high levels of drinking and drugs and the fallout of abuse toward women and children. Despite the indifference of the local government and police authorities, the church decided to take a stand on behalf of the children. 

The church met with police and other officials and started raising money. They sought guidance from Bright Hope on the best ways to bring hope to their community. Within a year, they started an after-school club where any child could freely attend. At the church, the children received a healthy meal and homework help. They enjoyed games, arts and crafts, and stories about Jesus. 

It didn’t take long for the seats to fill, and Gabriela attended every day. One of the teachers noticed how shy Gabriela was and the mysterious bruises on her legs and arms. The teacher befriended Gabriela. In time, after trust was built, Gabriela shared about how her uncle hurt her. 

The church leaders sprang into action and reported the abuse to the authorities. Today, her uncle is in prison. Thankfully, Gabriela is healing from her emotional and physical abuse. At Bright Hope, we praise God that we were part of the rescue team that helped Gabriela escape this painful period of her life. 

Help an Abuse Victim Like Gabriela

Not all children receive the help Gabriela did. However, at Bright Hope, we have seen how passionate Bolivian churches are about addressing abuse in their neighborhoods. Our goal is to open as many Children and Family Centers as we can. God has called us to look for ways to help women find safety and jobs to care for their children

Children and Family Centers provide a safe environment where children can go after school to learn and grow with their friends, receive healthy meals, and hear about God’s love. The centers also host vocational training, discipleship groups, and marriage workshops to create jobs, share the gospel, and repair broken families.  

If you haven’t yet gotten involved or given to our Bolivia Campaign, there is still time! Learn more about our Children & Family Centers in Bolivia.

If you did support our Bolivihttps://www.brighthope.org/bolivia2024/a campaign, we want to thank you on behalf of Gabriela and the many “Gabrielas” our partner churches want to support. Many may feel scared to attend the church program for the first time. But as they open the door and walk through, they will find a sanctuary—a safe, healing place in the loving arms of Jesus.

Malia Rodriguez
Malia Rodriguez

Malia loves serving as a Copywriter for Bright Hope, where she has the privilege to share how God is working among the vulnerable and caring for the extreme poor around the world. As a homeschool mom, Malia strives to develop in her kids compassionate, generous, and caring hearts. Malia and her husband, Matt, live in the Washington, DC area with their son and daughter.