Grandmothers On a Mission

I just returned from Uganda with a medical team. It is amazing to visit our church partners’ communities and see for myself the impact Bright Hope is having.

We visited with the grandmothers’ club at two different church locations. What’s interesting is that they do not have to be a member of the church to join the club. They could be a Christian, a Muslim or agnostic—the only requirement is they must be a grandma. One church had 67 ladies in their club!

When asked what made this club so special, they told us how they sing, dance, share meals, make sellable items, pray and help each other. Some have gone from the isolation of laying alone on a mat to sitting together surrounded by a community of friends. Some are widows that are still the main caretakers of their grandkids, while others are married and still have grown children living with them. It was clear that most still had much responsibility on them even in their old age.

I was struck by one lady’s comment as she stood up and announced the pastor has told them that they still had value in their community. She did not always feel that, as she has lots of aches and pains. But he told the grandmothers that, “They have wisdom and love to give and as long as they were here on earth, they still had a purpose.” She took great pride in that as she sat down.

The power of words can change a whole mindset and future generations. The pastor took the first step in starting this club and by speaking life into these women. Empowered, these amazing ladies have since taken it to the next level. The grandmothers’ club is a very special group and they are now women on a mission!

Liz Camp
Liz Camp

Liz has had a heart for missions since she was just 8 years old. Her passion is connecting people to life-changing work in impoverished communities, through the mutual ministry of shared lives and experiences, with Christ as the center of it all. She considers herself blessed to be able to do this work through Bright Hope. Liz is married to Greg and they have 2 teenage daughters.