Think about your pastor for a moment. Got a picture of him in your mind? Now imagine that your pastor doesn’t have a Bible and that he only has a primary school education. Let me guess – you can’t picture him like this because it is so far from the reality. In the world most of us live in, pastors hold advanced degrees and own many copies of the Bible—not to mention several commentaries as well. These are essentials for a pastor, wouldn’t you agree?

Yet, in many of the churches Bright Hope works with, it is commonplace for a pastor to not own a Bible and to have no more than a primary school education. This breaks my heart. My Bible is my encouragement, my inspiration, my source of help and hope. It reveals God’s plan of salvation, redemption and the process of sanctification. My Bible explains to me sin, and sinners, who I am without God and all that I am in Him. It recounts stories of faith from those who have walked before me and inspires me to leave stones of remembrance for those who are yet to come. I love God’s Word, and am so thankful for my Bible. Consequently, if there is anything that I can do to make sure pastors around the world have a copy of their own, then count me in.

If, like me, you feel moved to act when you think about a pastor without a Bible or without any formal Bible training, you may like to learn more about Bright Hope and explore ways you can get involved.

We believe in the importance of evangelism and discipleship and take joy in working with our local partners to distribute Bibles and other materials for community outreach and discipleship.

We offer pastoral training, Bible training and leadership training to equip pastors and leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to accurately preach the Word of God, lead a congregation and reach out to their community.

We are committed to sharing the message of Jesus Christ with people desperate for Hope and would love for you to join us. For just $20, you can put a Bible into the hands of a pastor. For $60, you can provide him with a month of Bible training.