Let Us Continue Testifying—the Lord Is Good and Able!

Julius, a Bright Hope staff member from Uganda, shares His prayer for his country and the world in general as we look for Hope and strength during the coronavirus pandemic. Please read and be comforted by the truth and peace that is found in the Lord.

The Lord has put it upon my heart to say this prayer and also give thanks.

As the entire world is under panic over the coronavirus pandemic, may the Lord keep each and every one of us safe.

May He put a cloud of security and fire around us. I declare a disease-free zone around each and every one of our relatives, family and friends.

There is no weapon formed against us that shall prosper, and I refuse the tongue of this pandemic from getting anywhere close (Isaiah 54:17). By His stripes we are healed (Isaiah 53:5). May the Lord open up His heavens and send His healing Spirit to sweep across the entire globe and rid the world of this plague.

We thank the Lord that Uganda still remains, and [by faith will] remain a corona-free nation. May the Lord be praised for His love and power over this country.

May His name be glorified. He has put a fence around His children all around the world, even though the devil seems to have a slight moment in the limelight with this virus. I know that the Lord has a bigger and better plan for all His children around the globe.

We will overcome this (virus and devil) by the blood and word of our testimony. Let us continue testifying that the Lord is good and able.

I say again, let us testify because we are still here!

May you be covered in His blood and walk under His protection. Glory be to the Lord Jesus in all this, because He knows what is happening today and what will happen later. Thank You, Jesus.


Bright Hope Staff
Bright Hope Staff