I’m excited to share that singer, worship leader and two-time Dove Award winner, Meredith Andrews, is endorsing and supporting our projects in Haiti as a Bright Hope Ambassador.

With a heart for worship music and serving the extreme poor, Meredith is eager to help support our ongoing youth music camps hosted through Bright Hope’s partner churches.

For many of these children, this is often their first ever camp experience, and it’s a chance for them to grow in their gifting as well as their faith.

“I know that pulling out that gift [of a recorder] and pulling out that joy in them will set them on a course for the rest of their lives,” she told me. “They’ll always look back at camp and go, ‘That was such a big moment for me.’”

Being a mom of three, Meredith finds joy in seeing children praise God with all their hearts.

“Adults have their walls up sometimes…,” she said.

“Kids just go for it, they don’t care what anybody thinks of them.”

She went on to share with me about how these camps are a chance for kids to express themselves but also for adults to learn from their example.

“I think if adults can go back to that place [of childlike worship], there would be a lot of freedom in our own hearts,” she said.