Poor Mothers Face Great Danger

It’s May—a month to thank God for our moms. Mothers give us life, love, and the courage to face our fears.  

But in Uganda, becoming a mother can be scary. In many cases, it can be deadly!   

Nearly one out of 50 expecting moms in Uganda will die from pregnancy-related complications, most often because they give birth at home without sanitary equipment.

With stats like these, it’s easy to understand why Charles and Desire, a young couple who were excited to start their life together, felt frightened when Desire got pregnant.  

Would you like to help reduce the fear of expecting parents like Desire and Charles? Then keep reading.

Saving Mothers in Uganda

In Uganda, women must bring their own birthing supplies to the hospital with them. Hospitals in developing nations often don’t have enough medical supplies for all their patients and will turn away women in labor if they do not bring their own supplies. 

Charles and Desire, who both came from very poor families, barely had enough money for food and shelter. How could they possibly afford their own birthing supplies?  

In Desire’s words: “I was terrified because we had no stable means of income. I worried about where to get money for birth requirements and hospital bills.” 

But Bright Hope provides moms in Uganda with the birthing supplies they so desperately need with Mama Kits. 

Mama Kits baby in Uganda 

When a Bright Hope partner church invited Desire to a maternal health training meeting, she agreed. And after she and Charles attended all the meetings, they received a Mama Kit.

Desire and Charles took their Mama Kit with them to the hospital and they had all the supplies they needed for the safe birth of their daughter. 

“We got more than we expected from that Mama Kit. Everyone at the Health Center respected us for being so ready and organized for our baby,”  Charles said. 

Mama Kits mother and father with baby in Uganda

Mama Kits Save Lives  

Bright Hope distributes Mama Kits to mothers who attend prenatal medical appointments. Each Mama Kit contains all the supplies necessary for a safe delivery, including: 

  • two sets of receiving blankets 
  • baby hats 
  • socks 
  • hand gloves 
  • warm clothing 
  • onesies 
  • a mosquito net 
  • baby soap  
  • baby oil 
  • a carrying bag (like a diaper bag) 
  • plastic sheets 
  • surgical gloves 
  • cotton 
  • gauze 
  • a cord band ligature 
  • sterile razor blades 
  • a child health and immunization card  

Charles kept on smiling to express his gratitude: “We chose to call our daughter Gift because through her, God has shown His love to us.”   

As you celebrate Mother’s Day this month, please remember the pregnant women in Uganda  and around the world who fear for their lives and the lives of their unborn children. And please consider how you can give them hope.

Mama Kits mother with baby in Uganda

Malia Rodriguez
Malia Rodriguez

Malia loves serving as a Copywriter for Bright Hope, where she has the privilege to share how God is working among the vulnerable and caring for the extreme poor around the world. As a homeschool mom, Malia strives to develop in her kids compassionate, generous, and caring hearts. Malia and her husband, Matt, live in the Washington, DC area with their son and daughter.