Thanks to Prosthetics, Noah Takes His First Steps

We captured Noah’s first. steps. ever. on video.

Watch it below—it’s likely to make you tear up a little… or at the very least make you smile real, real big.

This…. This is why we do what we do. It melts my heart.

You see, Noah* is not an 11-month-old baby, toddling along as he takes his first, wobbly steps. Noah is a young Zambian boy who has finally received prosthetic legs.

The story is a little unclear, but our understanding is that Noah was born with a circulatory problem, and at around just three months old, he lost both of his feet and one of his hands.

Noah lives in a fishing community on the edge of Lake Bangweulu. His mother and father spend nine months of the year working in the fishing camps, so Noah is cared for by his grandmother, Mary.

In the past he got around by moving on his one hand and knees.

He’s never been able to do much in a day…

He hasn’t gone to school because the 3 km (1.86 mi) walk was impossible for him.

He has no toys.

He couldn’t play with other children.

The house he lives in is about the size of a garden tool shed, so Noah spent most of his days sitting under a mango tree on an old cornmeal sack.

We knew something as straightforward as prosthetic legs could dramatically change his entire future.

With prosthetic legs Noah could get off the ground. He could walk. He could go to school… just like any other child.

And, thanks to you, that’s what we were able to accomplish! We are so excited to share with you this video of Noah’s first steps!

*Name changed to protect identity

Sarah Marchmont
Sarah Marchmont

Sarah has a passion to share stories and photos of lives being transformed. With a background in journalism, a heart for “the least of these,” and a love for traveling and experiencing other cultures, she’s thrilled to be part of the Bright Hope Marketing & Communications team where she has the opportunity to hear and experience firsthand the incredible stories of God working in the nations.