What Am I? (August 2020)

You saw the above picture in your email or in a social media post, and we asked if you knew what it was…

What you were seeing was a piece of this photo:

Did you figure it out?!

It’s a honeycomb in Bolivia.

One hive contains at least 5,000 bees! And in this beekeeping project there are 20 hives. A bit of quick math tells us there are over 100,000 bees in this little area!

This is an income-generating project that Bright Hope helped fund in the rainforest-filled region of Chapare, in central Bolivia. The honey produced in this region is in high demand.

There are 5 young adults from the area who manage the bee farm and benefit from the profits. They are missionaries in training, so they work the bee farm during the week, and visit community churches on the weekends to preach the Word of God and disciple others.

Pretty cool, huh?

Your donations have helped local missionaries support themselves while they are getting equipped to spread the name of Jesus in Bolivia! Thank you!

Bright Hope Staff
Bright Hope Staff