What Am I? (October 2020)

You saw the above picture in your email or in a social media post, and we asked if you knew what it was…

What you were seeing was a piece of this photo:

Did you guess right?!

It’s a kitchen under construction! Truly!

In Uganda, you will find houses and other buildings built from all kinds of materials. Mud bricks are quite common, but what you see in this picture is another common method. They build a grid-like structure out of sugar cane and other sticks, and then pack it with mud that dries and hardens to give it solid walls.

Innovative, huh?

But there’s also a cool little backstory we want to share with you.

As we reach out to help poor communities around the world, it’s important to us that the people we’re helping are willing to then turn and help others in need. This way, the community and local church are creating a culture of taking the initiative to help the most vulnerable in their communities—not just expecting an organization or someone else to do it.

That looks different in every community, but sometimes it may mean taking in orphaned children, providing food for a disabled person, or building a new home for an elderly person.

Which brings us back to this photo.

What you’re looking at here is a special day where a group of church members in Kasaga, Uganda, did just that. They were proactive in finding a need in their community and working together to build a new kitchen for an elderly woman.

We love seeing this “give back” mentality in action. What a great way for the local church to be a witness of the love of Christ in their communities!

Bright Hope Staff
Bright Hope Staff