What Are Your Biggest Questions?

I love questions…whether it’s thinking of questions to ask God, to ask experts, or a new question to ask my wife or kids. There is something about me that makes me so very curious.

How about you? Are you a curious person? 

Sometimes I get asked the same questions over and over, and sometimes I get asked unique questions. I enjoy them both, but there are two special questions I never tire of hearing:

  1. How can I follow Jesus?
  2. How can I help the poor people?

There are so many questions, and real answers to many of them—not all, but I would say most.

SO, WHAT ARE YOUR TOP QUESTIONS about Bright Hope or global poverty?

SEND THEM HERE: blog@brighthope.org

Over the coming months Bright Hope will use your questions (anonymously of course) as topics for upcoming blog posts.

Here are some starter questions:

  • What is thecurrent poverty line?
  • What causes poverty?
  • Who is poor?
  • Is poverty different in the US than the rest of the world?
  • Will there ever be an end to poverty?
  • Are the poor lazy?
  • What does the Bible say about thepoor?

Add your questions to the list by sending an email to blog@brighthope.org

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C.H. Dyer
C.H. Dyer

Hi, I am C.H. Dyer. I have a passion for helping those living in extreme poverty and a knack for getting people engaged with the poor. I believe if you are faithful and generous with what you have, God will transform you and your family’s hearts and minds, just as your gifts can bring physical transformation to the poor. My angel wife, Anne, and three kids are my inspiration. And I also happen to have been leading Bright Hope for the past two decades.