The JOEL Program Supports Student Education in Bolivia

The JOEL Program is a unique initiative that is bringing much needed support to students seeking education in Bolivia. Bright Hope International funds this ambitious project. Our mission is to ensure that every student in need has access to an education. 

Bright Hope provides educational materials such as textbooks, stationery, and low-interest loans for vocational training. We also offer one-on-one support, including tutoring sessions and mentorship programs. All of these resources empower students with the necessary tools to return back to school. Bright Hope helps Bolivian students complete school despite ongoing problems with the education system.

This project has made a significant impact on the lives of many Bolivian students. These young adults are now able to pursue their dreams of becoming educated professionals with dignity and pride.

Fighting for Education in Bolivia

Josué Ramírez Zenteno lives and studies in Oruro, Bolivia. He’s passionate about contributing to his community and this passion has driven him to pursue an education in the medical field. Since joining the JOEL program, he has received great support from Bright Hope in many areas. Bright Hope supported Josué financially, emotionally, and spiritually during an extended time of hardship.

Now in his third year of studying medicine, Josué has overcome difficult family situations including the divorce of his parents. In such critical moments, it’s important to have a strong support system. The JOEL program tutors helped Josué to cope with all of this.

COVID Strikes Bolivia

In 2019, Josué and his classmates struggled with online education during the pandemic. Although his Bolivian university established a virtual mode of education, it proved ineffective due to lack of internet and Wi-Fi service at home. There was neither internet nor a provider to install it.

Additionally, Josué’s professors did not understand technology well enough to implement it in the classroom. Many of the university faculty were older, and the students were just as ill-equipped to engage in online learning. According to Josué, many students cheated and the teachers often programmed the exams incorrectly.

Therefore, Josué paused his enrollment at the university with the intent to re-register the following year. He studied by himself for a year because he wanted to follow through with his educational and professional goals.

Josué’s Advice to Bolivian Students

The following year, Josué won first place at the Physiology Olympics! His year of independent study had paid off.

He believes that no matter how hard it may seem sometimes, it is important to keep fighting for what you want out of life. Josué advises other Bolivian students to never give up on their dreams and encourages them to ask God for help in this endeavor:

God willing, everything is possible. Always fight for what you want and the goals you have for your life. Always ask the Father to help you in this, and make an effort to give everything! Help your family, and help your community because they need you. We have all been called to this world with a purpose, and that purpose must be fulfilled. You will not feel at peace until it has been fulfilled.

To Josué, faith is a powerful tool that can help individuals reach their goals in life if they are willing to put in the effort required.

Bolivia’s Education System: Problems and Solutions

Bolivia is facing many challenges in its education system. Bolivia’s current infrastructure does not easily support online learning and technological advancement in the classroom. As Josué mentioned, students can cheat on exams because professors do not understand how to design online curriculum to prevent this behavior. This is a major issue that needs addressing if Bolivia wants to achieve its potential for economic growth.

The root causes of a struggling education system are numerous, ranging from inadequate resources for schools, lack of qualified teachers, and an inefficient curriculum design. Without an internet connection, students can’t connect with the latest research and educational materials. These issues have led to high dropout rates among students, as well as limited access to quality education for those living in impoverished communities.

However, there are solutions that can help improve Bolivia’s education system and create a more equitable learning environment. Bolivian citizens and outside organizations can implement solutions that will make internet access available in schools by investing in Wi-Fi hotspots for universities. This would allow students to easily access the internet without having to spend money on expensive equipment or monthly subscription plans. Additionally, this approach could be subsidized by the government, helping reduce costs for those who may not have access to affordable services.

Combat Poverty and Improve Education in Bolivia

For those looking to make a positive impact in Bolivia’s education system, Bright Hope is an incredible opportunity. A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Bright Hope focuses on providing educational resources for students living in impoverished areas of Bolivia. This organization works to empower students through mentorship programs, vocational training, scholarships, and low-interest loans.

Bright Hope provides these educational opportunities by utilizing donations from individuals around the world. The most effective way to support Bolivian students is to donate today to Bright Hope. By learning more about Bright Hope’s mission, donors can see firsthand how their contributions are helping make a difference in people’s lives. Additionally, donations provide access to quality education that would otherwise be unattainable for many Bolivians and encourages their growth as members of society.

Jennifer Sheriff
Jennifer Sheriff

Jennifer is a contributor to Bright Hope International, an organization that provides basic needs, medical treatment, and financial education to those living in extreme poverty around the world.