Fund a Loan for Haitian Rice Farmers


Rice is the most consumed food of the Haitian diet. However, Haiti’s rice production is insufficient to meet the need, making them highly dependent on imported rice.

The best way to increase rice yield requires a consistent water supply. And an irrigation system would provide the water needed by the rice farmers in Ferrier to sustain the fields.

Your gift provides a Haitian farmer with a microenterprise opportunity that would allow him to purchase a complete solar-powered irrigation system through a loan paid back over time. The microenterprise project includes digging a borehole, a water pump, solar power, trainin program oversight, and technical assistance. This microenterprise opportunity provides a sustainable solution to food insecurity and a means to a better life.

It is my hope that this opportunity will bring a better life for my family” – Antoine Jean Baptiste, a rice farmer in Ferrier, Haiti.