C.H. Dyer – Advocate for the Extreme Poor

Energize your church, group, or organization to serve the extreme poor. C.H. Dyer’s real-world, hands-on experience serving the poor will change the way you think about poverty and service.

Global poverty is one of the most urgent spiritual and social issues of our time. As President of Bright Hope, C.H. Dyer has decades of experience engaging, working with, and bringing Hope to communities caught in the despair of extreme poverty. If your church, group, organization, not-for-profit, or university is considering how it may better become engaged in this important issue, C.H. Dyer is available for speaking, training and consulting on a wide range of subjects.

C.H. is committed to living life by the “ones”:

  • I serve the 1 true God (1 Cor. 8:6)
  • I preach the 1 and only Gospel to the poor (Mark 16:15)
  • I help those living on less than $1 a day (Isaiah 58:10)
  • Of all the tithing to churches in America, only 1% helps the poorest of the poor
  • 1 billion people live in extreme poverty

Extreme Poverty Thought Leader

C.H.’s expertise in relief and development of the extreme poor has given him experiences, stories, and applications to share across many different genres. From organizational leadership to microlending, motivating people toward compassion for the world’s poor to increasing your Christian faith, C.H.’s comfortable style and action orientation will inspire and leave your audience texting and tweeting. C.H.’s seminary training at Talbot Seminary, Biola University and evangelistic meetings around the world makes him a perfect speaker for your church or missions conference. His 20 years of leadership at Bright Hope helps bring organizational leadership and fundraising to a practical and strategic platform.

C.H.’s latest speaking and preaching titles include:

Global Mission Leadership

Extreme Poverty 101 | How to lift someone out of extreme poverty

Christian Faith

Growing in Faith and Love | How the poor can challenge us to grow closer to God


Microloans: Reaching the Poor through the Church | Stories of success in creating jobs and increasing faith

Orphans and Vulnerable Children

No More Orphanages | Helping orphans in the 21st Century

Business Philanthropy

Non-Profit Leadership

C.H. Dyer’s Bio

C.H. Dyer has been President of Bright Hope since 1993, succeeding his father Kevin who founded the organization in 1968. C.H. grew up in a dedicated missions-focused family. His earliest memories are of his father preaching in churches about the poor and persecuted people living in Romania and Russia.

C.H. spent his summer of 1986 helping a small church in a Filipino slum. He was overwhelmed by the poverty and yet encouraged by their enduring faith. Seeing people in desperate need of food, fair wages and a deeper relationship with Christ, C.H. felt called to help the extreme poor.

Inspired by church leaders and congregations located in the slums and rural villages across Africa, Asia and Latin America, C.H. believes “if only we can empower and train these fledgling churches to administer excellent programs that lift people out of poverty and give eternal Hope, millions more people can break the chains of generational poverty.”

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Marketing from Northern Illinois University, C.H. earned his Master of Arts Degree in Theological Studies from Talbot School of Theology at Biola University in 1989 and began full-time ministry to help those living in extreme poverty. He added economic development and income generation programs to Bright Hope and with his leadership team has created and shaped Bright Hope’s community transformation and mutual transformation models.

C.H. and his wife Anne live in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. They have three children, two adopted from Russia and one graduated from Appalachian State University. Their family enjoys a rescued golden retriever named Ruby (short for Ruble as in the Russian currency).

Bright Hope Staff
Bright Hope Staff