Bright Hope supports education through the local, in-country church in areas such as tutoring, after-school programs, partial scholarships for primary and secondary school, and materials and infrastructure for schools. For adults, Bright Hope offers partial scholarships for vocational schools in order to give them the opportunity to advance their careers and move out of extreme poverty.

Bright Hope's Work Providing Education


School Scholarships

The more you know...

Education is fundamental to helping break the generational cycle of poverty. Many children are not able to attend school because they must help provide for their family, endure miles-long walks to get water, or because their parents cannot afford the school fees.

4 in 10

children not enrolled in school will never enter a classroom.


increase in wages are seen for girls who return to a year of secondary education.

250 million

children fail to read or write by the time they reach grade 4.

Stories of Hope and Transformation