Orphans & Vulnerable Children

Bright Hope believes in caring for orphans and vulnerable children through family-based care by partnering with the local, in-country church. Other ways we with the local church to care for these children include education, training for local churches, and support and training for families caring for orphans.

Bright Hope's Work with Orphans & Vulnerable Children 




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The more you know...

An orphan is a child 0-17 years old who has lost one or both parents. Other children, known as social orphans, have parents that are still alive but are unable to care for their children due to reasons such as illness or extreme poverty. Oftentimes these orphans are sent to ill-equipped and poor-intentioned group homes and orphanages. Research and experience has shown that orphans placed in family-based care with a primary caregiver show healthier social and behavioral development as well as cognitive development.

132 million

children worldwide are classified as orphans.


of orphaned boys and 60% of orphaned girls become hardened criminals.

17.8 million

children have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS, of which 85% live in sub-Saharan Africa.

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