A Message From C.H. Dyer – November 5, 2019

Like a trek through the mountains, this summer has had its peaks and valleys. But even along our sometimes precarious journey, God is always faithful!

When I need a reminder of God’s grace and provision, I love to look through the answered prayers on our Prayer Wall. Simple prayers for rain in Uganda, a preschool building in Zambia, and the healthy delivery of our Bolivia country director’s first grandchild—all answered by our loving God!

Here’s another answer to prayer! In August, our superstar Ally, Rachel Miller, rallied her Facebook followers and raised thousands of dollars to purchase chickens for our microenterprise program. These funds will enable hundreds of families in our partner communities around the world to start their own businesses, breeding and selling chickens and eggs.

Sometimes the fight against extreme poverty seems like a treacherous climb up the face of a cliff. But with our powerful God helping us, no mountain is too high. He hears our prayers and answers them!

I hope you enjoy reading the stories of Hope that have been prepared for our autumn edition of Ally Connection. Please consider how you can join us and help the poor!

C.H. Dyer
President, Bright Hope

C.H. Dyer
C.H. Dyer

Hi, I am C.H. Dyer. I have a passion for helping those living in extreme poverty and a knack for getting people engaged with the poor. I believe if you are faithful and generous with what you have, God will transform you and your family’s hearts and minds, just as your gifts can bring physical transformation to the poor. My angel wife, Anne, and three kids are my inspiration. And I also happen to have been leading Bright Hope for the past two decades.