Every Day We Face a Choice

Will we do everything we can to make our lives comfortable?

Or will we do everything we can to help others experience Hope?

Rose and her husband, Simon, were peasant farmers in Uganda. Day after day they struggled to feed their family. The income they made from growing rice and yams was never enough. And then…. CHICKENS!

Rose and Simon’s family received 10 chickens through the Family Empowerment Program held by one of Bright Hope’s partner churches. Those cute chickens multiplied and soon, Rose and Simon sold 10 chicks! 

But the story doesn’t end with chickens! Rose and Simon had so many chickens that they traded some for a goat which has given birth to 2 kids. They now have 25 chickens, many chicks, and goats! 

“We count ourselves lucky to have such a blessing. We never have to suffer when it is time to pay school fees and we never have to sell all our food to meet home needs. Our chickens and eggs take care of that,” Rose said.

Chickens help an impoverished family build a growing business. They provide healthy protein and can be traded for goats.  

For only $6, you can give a chicken and Hope to a struggling family like Rose and Simon’s! So, will you spend that $6 on yourself or will you invest it in a new future for someone else? Millions of families who barely survive on less than $2 a day are waiting for you to make a choice.

Give a Chicken
Bright Hope Staff
Bright Hope Staff