When Hope for Today Makes Tomorrow Possible

Bright Hope’s mission is to bring Hope and help to those living on less than $2/day. We accomplish this through a holistic, Hope for Today, Tomorrow, and Eternity ministry model by working exclusively through local churches situated within communities of extreme poverty.

We bring “Hope for Today” when we encounter people with urgent needs.

What is Hope for Today?

When the need is pressing and urgent, like when a community or an individual within our community is in crisis, meaning their very survival is on the line, there is a need for Hope for Today. It’s what you might think of as relief aid. If they don’t get this help right away, death is imminent.

Hope for Today could be needed after a national disaster like a drought, flood, or a health crisis. It also brings practical help for orphans and other vulnerable people, repairs broken water pumps, and provides health care for those in desperate situations.

When someone is starving and has no food, their most important need is for sustenance. Or if a community lacks a clean water supply and are forced to draw from a contaminated water source, then water is the most important need. Because when an urgent unmet needs, that is the priority. We address those through Hope for Today.

What kind of Hope for Today programs does Bright Hope have in place?

Hope for Today programs are not cut and dry, as they are dictated by the current need. For example, at the time of writing this, there are children in Kenya who are missing their school lunch program. Because of COVID-19, schools are shut down/ Consequently, students have no access to their regular two school meals each day. To help, we are providing these children with food.

We supplied simple provisions for those in Turkana, Kenya when they suffered a long drought.

Water wells and systems have been installed and broken water wells repaired where communities were getting ill, or worse, from unsanitary water.

Medical clinics were hosted in Bolivia and Uganda.

These name just a few Hope for Today programs Bright Hope has initiated over the last 50 plus years.

What happens once the urgent need has been met?

While Hope for Today solutions are vital for survival, people also have long-term needs. This includes issues like improving their livelihood or securing their children’s education. When we only help with temporary needs, a cycle of dependency can be created. In some cases, this could prevent aid recipients from developing sustainability. That is why our Hope for Tomorrow and Eternity programs are equally important.

Hope for Tomorrow programs are those that help communities build a better future through projects such as education scholarships, microfinance opportunities, job training, and agriculture training.

Hope for Eternity is about evangelism and equipping pastors and other church leaders to disciple others and minister in their communities.

The effects of bringing Hope for Today, Tomorrow, and Eternity to a community are life-changing and impactful. When the focus is on all three, a community has the best chance of breaking the chains of poverty and changing its outlook for the future.

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Leslee Baron
Leslee Baron

My position at Bright Hope has expanded my worldview and passion to help those living in extreme poverty. Being able to use my gifts to help those living on less than $2/day is not just fulfilling, but also an honor and a privilege.