2 Families, 20 Chickens


Raising chickens can make a huge impact on a family’s ability to be independent and self-sustainable. When you give a chicken, the recipient is trained on how to care for it. In time, the chicken will begin laying eggs, providing a great source of nutrition for a family, or raised to maturity and then used as food or be sold. With that extra income, families are able to pay for school fees, medical care, clothing and many other necessities that dramatically improve one’s standard of living.

In addition, as with all our animals, when the chickens begin to reproduce, a chick is given to another family, who in turn gives one to another family, and so on! The impact you make when you give a chicken is ongoing and has potential to help countless families rise out of poverty.

Give one (1), ten (10) or any number of chickens, choose in the quantity box below.

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