Microenterprise & Job Training

Bright Hope’s approach to microfinance is to partner with the local, in-country church to not only provide funding, but also to provide training and accountability. Bright Hope’s job creation initiatives empower the extreme poor and move them towards self-sustainability using microloans, savings programs, development of local farms and businesses, and job training.

Bright Hope’s Work with Microenterprise and Job Training


Microfinance Recipients


Received Job Training

The more you know…

Microenterprise opportunities are a long term solution for bringing economic Hope to the extreme poor.

1.2 billion

adults in developing countries say they would use their savings in case of an emergency.


can be enough to launch a small business in a developing country that could help the benefactor lift themselves and their family out of poverty.

2 billion

people in developing countries do not have a bank account.

Stories of Hope and Transformation

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Hope for Abandoned Mothers

In Bolivia, of every 100 mothers, 18 have been abandoned or must act as heads of their family. This figure is even higher in El Alto, one of the youngest cities in the country.
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Skills Training Helping a Haitian Village

The Phaeton community in northeast Haiti lives in extreme poverty. There are no flourishing gardens. There is no electricity or potable water. Poor equipment and pollution have decreased the fishing trade that many people subsist on.
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Training for Life

In the Haitian town of Ferrier, multiple churches held a large women’s conference. Each church sent 10 women of different ages and backgrounds. Those that wanted to continue joined a monthly leadership training over the course of a year.
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