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Join the Tribe.

The Bright Hope Tribe gives you the tools and encouragement you need to help serve the poorest of the poor. Join us. Join the Tribe.

Get the kids involved with Tribe Kids, our fun and innovative approach to getting children more involved in the needs of the extreme poor

Tribe is a free, volunteer membership group for committed Christians who want to do more in the fight against extreme poverty. If you’ve ever looked at a Bright Hope social media post, read one of our blogs, or received an urgent prayer request from us and felt like you couldn’t ignore the situation, you needed to do something, then Tribe is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment?

You can spend as much or as little effort promoting the topic as you have time for, but we will publish new factsheets 3 times each year, or when there is an especially pressing need such as a natural disaster or political crisis that is taking place near one of the communities where we work. We will reach out to you and ask you to get to work contacting anyone you know who might share our passion to help the poor. Any amount of time you can give brings us one step closer to ending extreme poverty.

Is Bright Hope trustworthy?

We understand that it is very important for potential donors to know they are giving to a reputable organization. Check out the Bright Hope Promise, listed on our website. We are proud to be endorsed by ECFA, Charity Navigator and to have been rated a “Most Trusted Charity.” You can also read online about our financial stewardship.

What does a Tribe member do?

Tribe members are Bright Hope Allies who volunteer as advocates to spread the word about global poverty and what Christians can do to help. Specifically, Tribe members reach out to their like-minded friends, family and church members to give them information about a specific need. It might include sharing fact sheets, infographics, blog posts, social media posts, or even writing or sharing a blog post on your own blog about a pressing issue. No need to ask for money, just let them know you are helping and you thought they might like to help too.

You will be Bright Hope’s first Allies to receive links to our fact sheets and infographics. These will inform people about crisis situations, needs in remote villages and city slums. Sometimes these will be tied to specific projects we are running, and sometimes they are just information about how to encourage others to pray.