Growing up, summers were sometimes boring. However, there was usually that one activity I couldn’t wait for such as a summer camp, a family vacation, or a visit to my grandparents’ farm. Anticipation! Sometimes we love it, other times it just makes time go by more slowly.

In this edition, we are revealing to you some new tools we are developing. We want you on the edge of your seat as we give you a glimpse of what’s launching in the coming months:

Drumroll please…

  • You’ll learn more about our upcoming “Helping the Poor like Jesus Assessment” which will evaluate how you are currently using your time, talent and treasures to partner with the extreme poor. Based on your results, you’ll receive tips and hear about opportunities to make an even greater impact.
  • Also, our weekly blog is blowing up! Every week a Bright Hope staff or board member brings a unique perspective about our work, and the ways you can join us, in our fight for those who are living on less than $2 a day.
  • A brand-new giving catalog will launch in October including many new, practical, and what we here at Bright Hope call “concrete” or tangible gifts for those in great need.
  • Radiant Members will have the opportunity to join a trip to Bolivia in the spring of 2019. Watch for details coming out in July (exclusively for Radiant Members only). The next country we reach out to will be Uganda and this fall we will be opening up registration for a new Radiant class. Keep your eyes on the website for further details.


C.H. Dyer
Bright Hope

Ps. We are also doing a ReUp drive again this summer. By donating old electronic devices you no longer use, you can make a donation which can help change lives.