Ally Spotlight Q&A with Mark and Trisha Heekin

Meet Mark and Trisha Heekin, long-time Bright Hope Allies and owners of Daniel’s Textile Rental in the greater Cincinatti area. Already generously donating a portion of their overall profit to Bright Hope, last year Mark, Trisha and their daughter Hannah came up with a new way to support the organization by putting Bright Hope ads on their company trucks.

How did you first hear about Bright Hope?

Ten years ago, I learned about Bright Hope through a search on Charity Navigator. I wanted to give but at times felt skeptical of charities and churches. I wanted to find a charity I could trust.

You mentioned how Bright Hope is a good fit for your company’s culture, could you share more about that?

At Daniel’s Textile Rental, we are about creating a culture of being about others. When you set the right priorities, you attract staff and clients with the same mindset.

Ten years later, what has kept you a proud supporter of Bright Hope?

You can’t help people improve their lives without a holistic approach pointing back to Christ. I love that with Bright Hope, money goes to help the extreme poor living on less than $2 a day and that people are helped through the local church so they can hear about Jesus.

What gave you the idea to promote Bright Hope on your three work trucks?

A mobile billboard grabs you. I want to tell everyone I know, “Reach into your pockets and help a big need.” We all have power in the actions we take, this is the thing I can do. A percentage of our profits go to Bright Hope and with the billboards, we help promote Bright Hope’s cause.

Jackie Tait
Jackie Tait

Jackie is married to her college sweetheart, Nick, and a mama to three littles. As a writer at Bright Hope, she is passionate about telling the stories of the world’s most vulnerable people and witnessing how God is moving in the lives of the extreme poor and our Allies.