In Bolivia, it is rare for pastors and volunteer leaders to receive training or practical Bible education for one of two reasons – they either lack the funds to further their education or they lack the ability to travel the long distances to where good church training programs are offered.

However, Bright Hope’s Ministry Development Program (MDP) equips church leaders in poor communities, right where they live. Currently 150 churches are participating, and hundreds of leaders have already been through the program.

“The subjects we decide to teach in this MDP were chosen because of our many years of listening to the church and understanding what their needs were,” said Carlos Sinani, a church coordinator in Bolivia.

“We were ready to provide church leaders lessons on the topics they really need to learn the most.”

“With the Ministry of Development Program…now we can reach more churches and help far more of the poorest people,” Carlos said, “through the local church.”

While more than 200 participants have benefitted from this course in five communities in need, Bright Hope wants to extend the program to to reach additional areas as well.

“I am so grateful that there’s such a great organization like Bright Hope who is helping Christian leaders in Bolivia, to learn more, and to serve our nation for Jesus Christ,” said Maria*, a church volunteer and MDP participant.

“Bright Hope is teaching us to live very integral lives… to give accountability to others, and to take care of our neighbors and watch out for their well-being.”

*Name changed