Growing Seeds of Grace

Kenya – The sun beat down on the wood and clay framework of Nancy’s home as she walked home from school. With her bare feet burning on the hot sand, Nancy raced her younger siblings the last bit of their journey home.

As they reached the shade of their home, Nancy shouted, “Mama! Mama!” When her call was met with silence, Nancy looked inside for her mother. Soon she found her hunched over her chair in tears: “Your father decided he wants to abandon our family. He found a new wife and has left all of us with nothing.”

As the years passed, deep roots of bitterness grew in Nancy’s heart toward her father. When her father left the family, he took financial security and protection with him. As a result, Nancy and her siblings had to drop out of school. Nancy expressed: “The divorce ended my schooling. How do I help my family if I can’t get an education?”

In the village, people noticed Nancy’s beauty. One of the older men, who already had four wives, approached Nancy’s father and offered a large percentage of his animals in exchange for her hand in marriage. As Nancy returned from her trip to collect water, she found her father waiting at the entrance of her home. He explained that if she agreed to marry the older man, he would help support the rest of her siblings and their school. Nancy felt betrayed by her father, who seemed only to care about receiving animals in exchange for her arranged marriage.

Later that night, Nancy remembered the words from her father: “If you refuse to marry him, we will force you into this marriage!” She realized that she only had one option—to run away from home. So, Nancy gathered a few of her things and ran into the shadows of the night.

In time, Nancy began attending a church in Turkana County. In the middle of the desert, the church had started planting the first seeds of a farm and choosing farmers, opening new opportunities for families living in extreme poverty. But, unfortunately, Nancy wasn’t selected.

Nancy didn’t know that during this season, the Lord was planting the seeds of grace and endurance in her heart. As the months passed, the farm began to flourish, and opportunities opened for new farmers. Then, finally, Nancy found her name on the list!

As Nancy began sowing and watering the tomato seeds, her heart softened. As she listened to the songs of gratitude coming from the voices of her fellow farmers, hope began to grow. Each day, the farmers had a dedicated time to learn more about Scripture and the gift of grace that comes with knowing Jesus. Nancy’s hard heart softened to the truth of God’s love as she received Jesus’ gift of salvation.

Today, Nancy is one of the leading farmers in Natoot Farm. She was selected to attend a prestigious agriculture training in Boringo, was interviewed by the BBC, and has a beautiful family. She expressed that her story of redemption didn’t end when she accepted Jesus but only began. After her transformation, Nancy reconnected with her father and showed him the farm. When he saw the farm and how the Lord has blessed Nancy, he apologized for hurting her. Nancy has forgiven him, and they are rebuilding their relationship.

Nancy can provide for her younger siblings and pay their school fees through her work at the farm. She shared: “I never knew that from this soil, it could create a new life. We are very grateful to God for the support from His people! We pray that the Lord blesses Bright Hope for the work that is being done.”

Jonathan Matlock
Jonathan Matlock