Samfya, Zambia — When her husband left her, Veronica returned with her three children to her hometown of Mulisha, Zambia with nothing more than a few items of clothing. Weeks later she gave birth to a baby boy, Bentry.

With no money and little education, Veronica relied on the charity of her siblings and neighbors. Veronica would often work all day in the fields and in return, receive only a small plate full of maize flour. It wasn’t long before the whole family was on the verge of starvation. The pressure of being a single parent eventually got the better of her. With little Hope, this young mother began to slip into a severe depression.

Little Bentry suffered the most. At five years of age, he weighed just 12kg (around 26 lbs.) and displayed the classic features of a severely malnourished child with an extended belly, discolored hair and thin upper arms. He became lethargic and unresponsive to external stimulus.

It was Bentry’s deteriorating health that finally brought Veronica out of her depression. In November 2015, she took him to the District Hospital in Samfya for medical attention, and the family was referred to Bright Hope’s partner, Care and Hope for All (CHA).

CHA immediately enrolled Bentry into their Child Nutrition Program and prescribed a high-energy protein supplement. The struggling family was assisted with maize, beans and groundnuts.

Thanks to nutritional supplements given through our Seasons of Hope campaign, Bentry’s health has improved dramatically. Just a few months into the program, his weight is steadily increasing.

The continued support and encouragement that Veronica has received from the CHA staff has helped her turn a corner in her life. She is now cheerful and determined, working hard to grow her family farm with nutritious vegetables. Thank you for helping save Bentry’s life and for bringing Hope to Veronica’s family!

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