Zambia Girls Dorm Project: Safety, Education, and Provision

Poverty impacts women and children the hardest, leaving them to overcome hunger, illness, depression, and danger. Education can be one of the surest paths out of poverty. Why? It not only increases employability but also equips girls with life skills to build sustainable lives. For the teenage girls living in the small community of Kalasa Mukosa, Zambia, their road to education is dangerous… which is why we need your involvement!

The Need for Dormitory Schools

Kalasa Mukosa High School in Zambia provides the opportunity for a solid education for high school-aged girls and, ultimately, the path out of poverty. Unfortunately, since it is not a boarding school, the young ladies must travel long distances on dangerous roads. As a result, many have been assaulted on the way to and from school each day. Others have resorted to renting rooms with strangers who live near the school. Not all these strangers have the girls’ best interests in mind. Sadly, some girls have been violated, gotten pregnant, and had to drop out of school.

Many of Bright Hope’s partner churches in the community of Kalasa Mukosa, Zambia, are concerned with teen pregnancies and early marriages occurring. Girls who struggle in school are often persuaded by their families to drop out and get married. It is not uncommon for girls as young as 14 or 15 to get pressured into early marriages.   

To protect these young women and give them a safe, educational environment, Bright Hope has partnered with the churches in Kalasa Mukosa to build an on-campus dormitory. But we need your help!    

The Current Situation

Two years ago, due to student pregnancies and safety issues in the village, the school converted a staff house into a girls’ dorm. Then, with five pregnancies last year, the school again tried to respond and made a classroom available for the girls to sleep in. Yet, the girls have no beds or furniture in both the classroom and staff house. Instead, they sleep side by side on the floor, hanging their belongings from the rafters. 

Currently, 32 girls are sleeping in the small staff house without a bathroom. While the girls might be safer sleeping on the school premises, their conditions are not sanitary or conducive to productive studies.

Students of Kalasa Mukosa   

At present, Kalasa Mukosa High School is classified and funded as a day school because they need dormitories. After we construct the dormitory, the school can apply for boarding school status. Once a registered boarding school, the high school would receive additional government support to provide three meals a day for the teens boarding at the school.  

Project Scope

Kalasa Mukosa High School has approximately 160 students. Of the 80 or so girls enrolled, the 40-50 who live up to 60 miles away would begin boarding in the dorm. To meet their needs, the 100-foot by 30-foot dorm building will include   

  • 12 bedrooms, each with four beds  
  • Two wings to accommodate different age groups, each with a bathroom   
  • Individual storage and study space within each room  
  • A shared common area for the girls to build friendships  
  • Reliable electricity, lighting, and indoor plumbing funded by Access Water for Zambia and Bright Hope      

How You Can Help Build a Dormitory in Zambia

Building the Girl’s Dorm will cost $75,000, but with God and your generosity, we can proceed with construction and see this dorm become a reality for these girls.  

Your gift will bring an end to the danger and violence these young ladies face when seeking shelter so they can receive an education. We will build a safe, sanitary, secure place for the girls to rest so they have the opportunity to journey out of poverty. And, thanks to a matching grant given by a generous Ally, all contributions up to $42,000 will be doubled! So, your gift of $25 will become $50, $100 will become $200, and so on.    

A Lasting Impact

In addition to providing a safe place for these young girls to live, they will have access to the Young Women’s Club, an equipping ministry started by a Bright Hope staff member and teacher. This club offers biblical teaching, discipleship, mentoring, skills training, and fun activities. In addition, the Kalasa Mukosa Dormitory would give Bright Hope’s partner churches relational opportunities to launch a permanent ministry to these high school girls.   

Please don’t wait! These young women desperately need a safe place to live while they follow their educational path out of poverty.  

Join our matching challenge today to double your impact and give your best gift. Right now, you can make a difference in the lives of these girls.

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Bright Hope Staff
Bright Hope Staff