3 Ways to Multiply Disciples in Poor Communities

The goal of our Hope for Eternity programs is to support local, in-country churches by equipping them to multiply disciples of Jesus and meet the physical and spiritual needs of their communities.   

Below are just 3 of the many ways we do this. 

Why make disciples in impoverished communities? 

Many of us living in the West take for granted our access to churches that teach sound biblical truth by leaders who have received theological training.  

But for many people living in extreme poverty, this opportunity is scarce. As a result, parents don’t have the encouragement or truth to share with their children. Over the course of a few generations, the presence of disciple-making Christians in these communities decreases. 

But Bright Hope is working to change this reality. Here’s how! 

3 Ways Bright Hope Multiplies Disciples

  1. Provide a Pastor with Biblical and Theological Training 

Educating and empowering pastors is crucial in helping them share the hope of Christ with the extreme poor. Sometimes pastors, especially in rural areas, are voted into their role but have no formal education or training. They may be farmers, laborers or even fishermen by trade.  

Bright Hope is committed to supporting local, in-country churches and their pastoral teams because they have proven to be the best at creating lasting change and sustainability within their own communities. Our Allies’ generosity over the years has helped pastors develop knowledge and skills by providing biblical and theological training that will equip them to share the gospel and apply it to everyday life.  

2. Give a Bible or a Bible Story Book for Kids 

The average family in North America has four Bibles, yet in remote villages and urban slums around the world, most people can’t afford one Bible of their own. Bright Hope desires to give God’s Word to families who desperately need the hope of Christ. 

In addition, statistics show that most Christians begin following Jesus as kids. So, the goal to reach poor kids with the gospel motivates Bright Hope to action. One of our partner churches in Bolivia hosts monthly Children’s Bible Clubs that draw both churched and unchurched children. And we strive to give each child their own copy of a Bible storybook. 

3. Send One Church Leader to Bible Training 

While our Bible training program varies based on the needs of each community, most consist of monthly seminars for one year. Throughout the course of the year, lay church leaders are equipped to start a discipleship group, share what they’ve learned, and in turn, train additional leaders in biblical truth. This program effectively multiplies disciples in rural communities across the globe 

Join the Bright Hope Ministry! 

Truly, in all our programs, Bright Hope works to empower churches to multiply disciples of Jesus. Please consider joining us! 

Malia Rodriguez
Malia Rodriguez

Malia loves serving as a Copywriter for Bright Hope, where she has the privilege to share how God is working among the vulnerable and caring for the extreme poor around the world. As a homeschool mom, Malia strives to develop in her kids compassionate, generous, and caring hearts. Malia and her husband, Matt, live in the Washington, DC area with their son and daughter.