Reaping a Harvest of Sustainability

If you’ve been following Bright Hope this year, it’s no surprise how excited we are about the Natoot Farm in Kenya! (In fact, we are so tickled with their progress we feel kind of like proud grandparents. So much so, I’ll shamelessly admit that the main reason for this blog is so I can share this new video of what’s going on at the farm!)

During the week of September 14th, the farmers participated in a training program to learn about nursery preparation and seed sowing. They sowed kale, green pepper, and spinach and planted beetroots, green pepper, kale, and spinach for the neighboring demo farm.

Instead of me telling you, let me show you. Check out these highlights from September’s training session.

See for yourself!

Be honest. Have you ever been as excited about learning something new as these Natoot farmers are learning about how seeds grow? These ladies are PUMPED UP!

And why shouldn’t they be? This farm has changed their lives and given them real Hope for tomorrow.

Highs and lows

The first season at the Natoot Farm brought some severe hardships that included an infestation of swarming locusts and crop-devastating floods.

But there were also some highs that included bushels of marketable tomatoes, watermelons, onions, and other vegetables. For people who once relied on government relief food, they no longer need to keep a listening ear out for the sound of the government truck. It’s no wonder these farmers are such enthusiastic students. This farm has seriously changed their lives.

When you support Bright Hope’s programs, you are investing in people. You are saying, “I believe in you, and I believe you can have a better future.” All of Bright Hope’s Hope for Tomorrow programs are about empowering people to become self-sustaining.

In Turkana, the people needed a food source and a way to earn a living. They had land but needed water and farming training. We could help with that. Now life will never be the same in Turkana, and that’s worth celebrating.

Feel inspired?

Give a gift to help grow the farm. Resources are needed to build capacity and improve the crop yield through more training, supplies, and equipment. Thank you for your consideration.

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Leslee Baron
Leslee Baron

My position at Bright Hope has expanded my worldview and passion to help those living in extreme poverty. Being able to use my gifts to help those living on less than $2/day is not just fulfilling, but also an honor and a privilege.