URGENT: Zambia’s COVID-19 cases increased by 174 cases!

In ONE DAY, Zambia’s COVID-19 cases increased by 174 cases, from 267 to 441 cases!

For weeks, Zambia has had relatively few COVID-19 cases and almost no deaths.

But on May 9, Zambia’s COVID-19 cases almost doubled! Truckers crossing the border from Tanzania are most likely the reason for the spike in Zambia. To curb the spread, Zambia has closed its border with Tanzania.

COVID-19 has already started spreading from three major cities into rural areas. Also, the coronavirus has damaged Zambia’s already-struggling economy. With the new outbreaks last week, the value of Zambia’s currency may drop even more. Since most of Zambia’s goods are imported, this will make it even more difficult for the poor to buy food.

To make matters worse, Zambia also experienced devastating flooding several weeks ago. Flooding washed out all the roads leading to the town of Samfya and leveled houses.


Weeks ago, the Zambian government started requiring people to wear face masks. In response, some of the women at one of our partner schools (Samfya Bible School) started making and selling face masks to the community.



Please pray for our friends in Zambia!

  • Pray that God would give wisdom to government leaders as they respond to the sharp increase in cases.
  • Please ask God to provide food for the extreme poor in Zambia.
  • Ask our powerful God to work through the churches in Zambia to bring more people to Jesus.
Bright Hope Staff
Bright Hope Staff