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Access to electricity remains one of the biggest challenges for developing countries. In Haiti, only 45% of the population has access to electricity. The number decreases to only 3.5% for those in rural areas (World Bank, 2018). Haiti’s limited access to electricity represents a drawback to progress in rural areas and confines the use of technology powered by electricity.

Access to electricity is a game-changer for these small, rural communities. Electricity means being able to communicate with people outside their community. People can use phones and other digital devices for digital finance, to conduct meetings, or other business. Children can study after sunset, and families are no longer restricted to getting things done during daylight hours. Electricity creates opportunities for sustainability.

You can help! Bright Hope is providing loans for the purchase of a small-scale solar power kit. The recipient (a church or individual) would have access to electricity for their own needs, as well as for starting a business that recharges cell phones and rechargeable lightbulbs for others, to earn money and to repay the loan.

Your gift of electricity provides rural communities with opportunities to utilize more hours in a day and advance their income, which brings Hope for a sustainable future!


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