What Do you Give the Person Who Has Everything?

An All Too Familiar Gift Giving Problem  

Who hasn’t been stumped when trying to buy a gift for someone who seems to have everything?  

It’s frustrating, isn’t it, when you want to give a gift, but you have no idea what to buy? You can only give so many shirts and framed photos of the two of you. And really, how many Starbucks gift cards does one person need?  (Guess that depends on their level of coffee dependency, but that’s not my point.)  

So how do you give a thoughtful gift to the person who has everything? 

The Solution  

Here’s an idea. Give them a chance to change a life.  

Bright Hope’s coin allows you to give others the chance to change a life. It’s a priceless opportunity and easy to do.  

Why You Should Give a Bright Hope Coin 

The Bright Hope Coin is an actual coin that works like a gift card. You can purchase a coin from Bright Hope for $25 or more. It comes with a redemption code and a 90-day expiration date. The coin comes in a small gift envelope—perfect for gift giving—with redemption instructions inside. So your friend who has everything will have the chance to change the life of someone living in extreme poverty by redeeming the coin’s value on items from Bright Hope’s online catalog.  

Bright Hope’s catalog includes over 30 ways your friend can practically help the poor break free from the chains of poverty. There are opportunities to give a small business loan, vocational scholarship, training opportunities, animals, electricity, water, and so much more!  We design all our programs with sustainability in mind. Sustainable programs make a long-term, ongoing difference. Our desire is bigger than helping someone for one day—it’s to help make changes that will alter their today, tomorrow, and eternity.  

Stop wondering what you should give that person who has everything and give them a Bright Hope Coin. Get your coin here.  

The Bright Hope Coin is the perfect gift for clients, kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews, and relatives. They make good stock stuffers and Secret Santa gifts. So this holiday season, give a gift that allows someone to change a life!  

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Leslee Baron
Leslee Baron

My position at Bright Hope has expanded my worldview and passion to help those living in extreme poverty. Being able to use my gifts to help those living on less than $2/day is not just fulfilling, but also an honor and a privilege.