Repair a Water Pump


You can launch a person, family, or community from a position of poverty to one of self-sustainability by giving them access to safe water. 

Often a community will have an old pump that no longer produces water. This is tragic because for around $100 a broken pump can be repaired—bringing clean and safe water to those nearby.   

Access to safe water saves lives by reducing water-related diseases, freeing children to go to school, and providing a hygienic way to dispose of waste and a means to wash. When people don’t have to spend time collecting water, and when they don’t have to take time off work or school while they suffer from water-borne illnesses, their health, life expectancy, and earning potential all improve! 

Your generous gift to repair a water pump can be the first step in launching a person, family, or community into self-sustainability! 

Read how one community in Haiti responded when they got access to safe water.  

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